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As you probably already know, everybody has four good directions and four bad ones. There are three basic ways to use these directions. Firstly, sleep with the top of your head towards a good direction. Secondly, sit facing a good direction when eating, working, studying and at meetings or interviews. Thirdly, use doors that face a good direction (from the inside looking out). This includes the front door to the building, bedroom door, apartment front door and office doors. It is difficult to have all the doors facing good directions but try to get as many as possible.

These directions always work.

That may seem like a sweeping statement to make but in the many hundreds of consultations I have done, over more than 15 years, I have never found one exception. Learning and using your directions is one of the most important things you can do for success in your life! I will give you tables to check your directions at the end of this blog.

The directions are for your whole life, so they are very important to know. It is very important to understand these directions well and in order to do that you need some skill with a compass. Some of us are ‘directionally challenged’ so if you have no sense of direction and get lost driving or on a walk you need to practice using a compass. For a quick check you can use a smart phone compass. The Apple iPhone seems to be fairly accurate under most circumstances. Others, such as the Nokia smart phones should not be trusted. It is better to get a good quality compass from an outdoor activities store.

Now, to find out your good and bad directions, first you need to find your ‘Gua’ number from the list below. As you can see, the Gua number depends on your year of birth and whether you are male or female. The Gua number is for your whole life and some people regard this as their lucky number.

'East group' directions Gua no. 1 3 4 9
Wealth   SE S N E
Health   E N S SE
Relationship   S SE E N
Development   N E SE S
Little unlucky   W SW NW NE
More unlucky   NE NW SW W
Very unlucky   NW NE W SW
Total loss   SW W NE NW

'West group' directions Gua no. 5 male/female 2 6 7 8
Wealth   NE/SW NE W NE SW
Health   W/NW W NE SW NW
Relationship   NW/W NW SW NE W
Development   SW/NE SW NW W NE
Little unlucky   E/S E SE N S
More unlucky   SE/N SE E S N
Very unlucky   S/E S N SE E
Total loss   N/SE N S E SE

Avoid using bad directions, especially the ‘Total Loss’ direction.
Have a great time experimenting with your directions. Wishing you all the very best of luck!