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This excellent six-day course for advanced students is essentially practical in nature with case studies and investigation of actual buildings in the area. The course will review and deepen some of the material of previous courses.

There will be an extensive investigation of Flying Star techniques with an emphasis on the evaluation of combinations of water and mountain stars. Dowsing and advanced water techniques will be introduced. Advice will be given to those wishing to become professional consultants.

Day One


Form School

  • •Location, location, location •The armchair configuration

History of Western Architecture

  • •Protection •Order and Power •Nature and the Romantic Response •Heroic Capitalism

Localising the Effect

  • •Landform •Aspect •Land shape •Landscaping Neighbouring structures and landforms

Western Geomancy

  • •History •Ley Lines •Hartmann diagrams •Dowsing

Localising the Effect 2

  • •Driveways and paths •Walls •Shape and profile of the building •The Octagon


  • Practical Dowsing

Day Two

Harmonising the Interior

  • •Front door •Interior layout •Designing your dream home or office •Bedrooms •Living room •Dining room •Toilets •Kitchen •Garages and storage •Auspicious dimensions

Compass School

Determining Personal Directions

  • •Formula •Tables •Gregorian versus Chinese calendar

Review of Ba Gua Feng Shui

  • •History •Ba Kua and Lo Shu •Early Heaven and Late Heaven •Trigrams and the I Ching •Characteristics of the directions •Use of the Ba Gua


  • •Case Studies

APC Course Pre-requisites

Previous attendance at one or more of Jampa’s Feng Shui courses or attendance at other Feng Shui courses. At least some previous experience of implementing Feng Shui techniques is necessary. Students should bring a good quality compass.

Day Three

  • Review of case studies

Flying Star School

  • •I Ching characteristics •Lo Shu square and the Flying Star pattern •Flying the Stars •Star combinations •Special combinations of stars


  • •Exercises

Day Four

Flying Star School

  • •Flying Star periods •Updating the period of a building •Yearly and Monthly influences •Advanced star combination analysis


  • •Case Studies

Day Five

Water Feng Shui

  • •Basic water formulas •Advanced formulas •Castle Gate •Early Heaven/Later Heaven water placement •Flying Star formulas •Constructing water features that work

Case Study Preparation

  • •Detailed case study

Day Six

  • Advice for Consultants
  • Case Study Presentations
  • Feng Shui Forum
  • Course Conclusion
  • Farewell lunch