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What is a consultation?

Jampa has toured the world ten times giving Feng Shui advice to many hundreds of clients. A consultation (sometimes called a 'reading') is a visit to your home or business, which gives you detailed advice for your place.

His style of Feng Shui is very practical and simple. There is no need for any Chinese objects so it is suitable for any home or business anywhere in the world. You should not have to believe in Feng Shui for it to work.

Jampa has been involved in the design of many completely new buildings and major renovations. In many cases you would not be aware that Feng Shui had been done.

What happens during a consultation?

There are various types of consultation, some more detailed than others. A basic consultation usually takes between one-and-a-half to two hours and is best done in the morning when the energy is waxing. During this time you will learn the most important directions for you and your family or your business team.

You will be advised on the best orientation for your bed and desk to maximise your potential. You will learn the best colours for decoration. You will also learn the best place to put the right elements for success in wealth, relationships, health, career, children, education, reputation and help from mentors.

You can also learn the best way to energise your business through using the right symbols and colours in branding. You will receive advice on the best way to deal with the yearly Feng Shui influences.

When should I expect some result?

That depends on how well the advice is implemented but you should notice a difference in your fortune within three months. Many people sleep better immediately after moving the bed to a good direction. Some water features can bring unexpected income within nine days.

Can I get advice online?

It is possible to give advice via email and Skype if you have some skill with a compass. However, it is always best to get a reading at your place.

Can Jampa visit my place?

You can check the schedule below to see if Jampa will be in your neighbourhood soon. Special visits can be scheduled if time allows.

Course and Consultation Schedule

How often do I need to check?

It is good to check every year because there are negative influences that need antidotes. Also, some Feng Shui enhancements do not get implemented properly and some get moved or lost by mistake.

Is it expensive?

Feng Shui is an investment. When the right advice is well implemented you can recoup the cost within nine months. All donations help Jampa's various charitable projects around the world, including the rebuilding of earthquake-hit Lab Monastery in Tibet. Jampa's suggested donations are very reasonable compared to other Feng Shui masters. You will need to buy a water feature, some wind chimes and some crystals. You will also rearrange objects that you already have. So it need not be very expensive.

Suggested donations vary for different types of consultation and from place to place so send Jampa a message to check what it would be in your case.

What types of consulations are there?

1. Home consultation

A two hour visit by Jampa that gives you comprehensive advice on the best way to improve the energy of your home for success with wealth, health, relationships, career, children, mentors, reputation and education. You and your family will learn the very best directions for sleeping and working for your whole life, which are very important for all kinds of fortune.

2. Business consultation

A two hour visit by Jampa that gives you the best advice for creating the right conditions for business development including the placement of water features for wealth, the best locations and directions for key members of staff and the best way to present branding, advertising and websites.

3. Full business consultation

For larger businesses Jampa gives a full consultation that includes a comprehensive report with a detailed implementation plan.

4. Online consultation

Consultations are also possible by email and Skype.

5. Total care consultation

Total care consultation with a comprehensive report, supply and installation of all Feng Shui enhancements.

This package is for busy clients who need total care including a full consultation with a detailed report and the full supply and installation of Feng Shui enhancements including a fountain, wind chimes and crystals. This is very beneficial to do as part of your overall renovation plans. Jampa has worked very successfully with many architects and interior designers for homes and businesses.