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  • Jampa Ludrup presents a lively chat and slide show about the captivating world of Feng Shui -­-- the art of creating harmony in your environment.
  • All are welcome, especially sceptics.
  • During this special event on Feng Shui,
    Jampa will explain how this ancient Chinese technique can help in good design.
  • You will learn some of the ways in which Feng Shui helps you to design successful buildings.
  • You will also learn how Feng Shui can help you to get better grades!


Jampa Ludrup comes from Australia. He spent 18 years in the computer industry before becoming a Buddhist monk in the Tibetan tradition more than 15 years ago.

One of his Buddhist teachers got him interested in the Chinese art of Feng Shui and he has been giving courses and consultations in the subject for more than 10 years.

He has published a successful book on Feng Shui called ‘Seeing is Believing’ and his latest book, which simplifies the difficult subject of Flying Star, will be available soon.

He currently resides at Sera Je Monastery in South India but makes extensive tours giving consultations all around the world each year. He tries to help people get the most benefit possible from the heart of essential Feng Shui practice. He says, "I try to remove those aspects that are simply cultural and to advocate the elements that really work independently of your background or prejudices. It shouldn't matter where you come from or whether you believe in it or not".

Jampa gave a talk about Feng Shui at the Harvard School of Divinity in 2010.