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Good Feng Shui practice relies on having an excellent balance of the elements. To achieve this we use various objects to represent each element in the most effective way possible. It is very important to have the best Feng Shui enhancements representing, water, wood, fire, earth and metal.

You do not need to make your house look like a Chinese emporium. Here are some excellent examples that Jampa has helped to design.

Water features attract wealth when they are put in the right place.

This fountain is very good for the north, west or northwest of your home or office. It comes from Jean-Luc Castagner at Blue Bamboo Feng Shui.


Metal wind chimes are very important in the west, northwest and north of your place. They can help the luck of children, mentors and your career. Try a good garden centre to find them.

A wooden fountain is excellent for the southeast or east. Simon Cook of Wealth Fountains made this one.




The turtle is one of the celestial animals of Feng Shui. It is very good to have one in the north of your house or garden. It helps to attract good energy for your career and gives support for the whole family or business. Jampa helped Olivier Massange of Impact Horizon design this one and the dragon below.

The Dragon is another celestial animal and one of the most yang Feng Shui symbols. It is very good to place a green dragon in the east for health.


Find some beautiful crystals for the southwest, northeast and centre of your place. They can help with romance, relationships, study and examinations. These ones come from Blue Bamboo Feng Shui.

This fountain from Impact Horizon is suitable for the northwest and southwest of the house or garden.