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Feng Shui for Personal Success is a two-day intensive course that gives a detailed explanation of the Compass School of Feng Shui as well as explaining some basics of the Form School.

You will learn your good and bad personal directions - one of the most important things you will ever know.

You will receive an enormous amount of information on the Form School and Compass School as well as a brief introduction to Flying Star Feng Shui. You will get a 168 point checklist of possible Feng Shui enhancements for your place.

It is designed for intermediate practitioners and it is best if you have completed a beginner's course first. However it is possible for beginners to attend. Bring a good quality compass and a copy of your floorplan.

Introduction to Feng Shui

  • An ancient art with modern relevance

The schools of Feng Shui

  • Form school
  • Compass school
  • Flying Star

Summary of the Form School

  • Landscape
  • Land and building shapes
  • Neighbouring structures
  • Poison arrows
  • Front door
  • Defensive and aggressive Feng Shui

Introduction to Compass School

  • History
  • Ba Gua and Lo Shu
  • Early Heaven and Late Heaven
  • Trigrams and the I Ching

The Ba Gua

  • Characteristics of the directions
  • Use of the Ba Gua

The Lo Shu square

  • Layout
  • Application to the building
  • The significance of missing corners

Determining your personal directions

  • Formula
  • Tables
  • Gregorian versus Chinese calendar


The Five Elements and their locations

  • Wood
  • Water
  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Metal
  • Constructive cycle
  • Destructive cycle

Feng Shui tools

  • Wind-chimes
  • Plants and wood
  • Fish tanks and fountains
  • Light
  • Crystals and boulders
  • Using a compass

Checking the building directions

  • Front door
  • Bed
  • Desk

Wealth success

  • Location of plants
  • Fish, coins and frogs
  • Supportive and destructive elements

Health success

  • Location of wood
  • Supportive and destructive elements

Reputation success

  • Location of fire
  • Supportive and destructive elements

Help from mentors

  • Location of metal
  • Supportive and destructive elements

Success for children

  • Location of metal
  • Supportive and destructive elements

Romantic success

  • Location of crystals
  • Supportive and destructive elements

Career success

  • Location of water
  • Supportive and destructive elements

Examination success

  • Location of earth
  • Supportive and destructive elements

Introduction to Flying Star

  • The Time dimension
  • The Grand Duke, Three Killings and Five Yellows