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The aim of geomancy, or Feng Shui as it is known in East Asia, is to improve your luck by firstly, choosing an environment that is conducive to good luck and secondly, manipulating that environment so that the good luck becomes manifest. Geomancy works wherever you are in the world whether you believe in it or not. It does not rely on superstition. I use formulas that I have found to work in my own home and the hundreds of consultations that I have done over the years. I always try to explain the most crucial aspects in a way that I hope is very approachable for westerners.

People are often afraid that when they invite the geomancer they risk being told to break walls and move swimming pools. In fact it is rarely so drastic. Usually improvements can be made by placing a small water feature such as a fish tank, hanging a couple of wind chimes, moving some pots and flowers, and putting a lamp here and there. Often it is simply a matter of relocating things that you already own. In this way, it is very affordable and certainly need not be very expensive. For example, having your bed in a better direction can change your life completely and very quickly.

How do we assess whether geomancy has affected our luck or not? We have some idea of our general circumstances and whether they are steadily improving or not. Sometimes we feel there is some unexplained obstacle that prevents us from achieving something that we expect. When you use geomancy the block is removed or there is some other unexpected beneficial result. Sometimes it is quite subtle or can come in a disguised way, so you do not always spot the potential benefit immediately. You may even miss it entirely due to some predisposition or habit that makes you keep looking elsewhere for opportunity. Often however, the change is unmistakable. Some water features can bring unexpected wealth within as little as nine days. Normally you would expect a result within a few months.

Feng Shui can change your life. One very famous businessman says, 'I do Feng Shui but I don't believe in it' and that is a good attitude. You don't have to believe in it for it to work. Of course, he has many Chinese investors and they would insist that it is done. That businessman's name is Donald Trump!